Selena Gomez Allegedly Disses Demi Lovato, 'Neon Lights' Singer Claims Selena is 'Adult' Now - Reports

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Demi Lovato entered rehab for eating disorder and self harm. REUTERS

Selena Gomez talked smack against long time best friend Demi Lovato behind her back.

According to a new report, even though Taylor Swift, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, all good friends with Selena Gomez once upon a time, they have already cut their ties with the "Come and Get It" singer. On the other hand, long time BFF, Demi Lovato stayed a good friend that is until reports of a feud between them ensued.

It was only on July 2 that Demi Lovato decided to unfollow Selena Gomez on her Twitter and reports claimed this was because Demi was pissed at Selena Gomez for being a "headache." Radar Online is now reporting that Selena Gomez is hardly affected by Demi Lovato's decision and is talking trash about Demi behind her back.

"Selena was overheard at a party talking trash about Demi," claims the insider.

It is a pity considering Demi, unlike other friends of Selena, was not particularly targeting Selena's deal with Justin Bieber. She's more concerned about Selena staying sober and away from bad vices adds the report.

"Demi is all about her sobriety and is taking it very seriously. She attempted to help Selena stay on the right path, but Demi's efforts were rebuffed. It breaks Demi's heart because she just doesn't think this is going to end well for Selena," shared the source.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez go back ages ago as BFFs. Lovato and Gomez worked together in the popular children's show "Barney & Friends." They even made a Disney original movie together and shared a YouTube account before, honouring this really good friendship.

Despite the very public fallout between the two, reports that Demi Lovato understands where Selena Gomez is coming from. The same goes for other Disney stars connected with Demi Lovato namely Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. 

"You know what, I think the world needs to get over the fact that [Miley] was Hannah Montana when she was 16. Nobody knows her, nobody really knows who I am, and the same with Selena, and [the] Jonas [Brothers], and everyone that has grown up in front of the public eye. We're adults now," says Lovato in an interview with Perez Hilton.

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