Selena Gomez Allegedly Dating Niall Horan of 1D?

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Selena Gomez is known for two things: one, being Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend and two, for being Taylor Swift's best friend. Now, it looks as if the first thing Gomez is known for is about the change. Rumor has it that Selena Gomez is close to dating One Direction cutie, Niall Horan. Is Gomez following in the footsteps of BFF Taylor Swift?

The "Jelena" duo has apparently called it quits for real this time around and rumor has it Selena Gomez is just about ready to move on. While Justin Bieber is mending his poorly broken heart, Gomez is already on the rebound. So who is on Selena's radar? Rumors have it that Gomez is following BFF Taylor Swift's advice to date a One Direction boy and it would be none other than Niall Horan.

"Selena thinks Niall is very cool and finds his Irish accent really sexy. They've been chatting to each other on her private Facebook account and [they] text each other. There's a real spark between them. They both lead busy lives but Selena would love to get together with Niall next time they're in the same country," says a source to The Daily Star.

Things get even more complicated than this.

"She has seen what has happened with her friend Taylor and how dating Harry is getting her to get over her relationship with Conor Kennedy, Selena has said that she wants to start dating someone else to see if there is something better out there," explained another source to Hollywood Life.

Before "Directioners" wage war on "Selenators" for the said rumor, it has all been cleared up. Niall being Justin's friend knows his bounds.

"It will be extremely unlikely for Niall to even have time to spend with Selena let alone want to date her because they are only friends, he respects Justin and wouldn't do that to Justin," explained the source, adding, "Niall and Selena have completely different schedules and would rarely if at all see each other on top of everything."

For now, all that Selena Gomez fans can do is sit back, relax and see what develops. Who knows? Selena just might get back with Justin Bieber once the "Baby" singer does his iconic move of crying over the phone for Gomez to get back with him.

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