Selen Gomez And Justin Bieber Romance Bites The Dust: 'Come And Get It' Singer Makes Out With Niall Horan?

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Selena Gomez has reportedly moved on from Justin Bieber with British Boybander Niall Horan. It is Selena's BFF Taylor Swift who has played cupid between the couple and the shocking news is that Justin is miffed by Selena's romantic involvement with the 1D singer.

 "Justin feels like Selena is totally dissing him by hooking up with Niall. He has a double standard. It's alright if he hooks up with other people, but not if Selena does," reveals a source to

Justin Bieber himself has been hooking up with various girls since he broke up with Selena Gomez. Now that the "Come and Get It" singer is finally moving on in her life, the former has no business of feeling bad. Apparently, Selena had broken up with Justin because he was cheating on her with a Victoria Secret model Barbara Palvin and since then there had been a string of girls with whom the "Baby" singer has hooked up.

The buzz is that Selena was immensely hurt when Justin did not send a Valentine's Day gift to her and this consequently played in favor of Niall Horan.

"He really didn't think Selena would make such a big deal out of not getting any Valentine's Day gift for him. Yes, now he regrets not reaching out to her. He's going to act like the hook-up between Selena and Niall wasn't a big deal, but deep down he is totally bummed. She is still the love of his life," reveals the source to

"Jelena" fans are still confused regards to Justin's feelings. Sometimes he disses Selena by dating other girls and sometimes he writes love songs for her.

However, it is good that Selena Gomez is charting new paths in her love life. Since the onset of 2014, she has been suffering a lot from going to rehab to her failed relationship with Justin. Now, she's moved past the drama and her fans are really happy to see her open new chapters of life.

Let us know what you think about Selena and Niall's romance. Do you think they will make a better couple than "Jelena?"

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