SEE Whose 'Behind' Won at the MTV Awards - Lady Gaga's Shapely Bum or Miley Cyrus' Twerking Bum? [SEE PHOTOS]

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While Lady Gaga's bum was the most applauded at the VMA's (just like her single "Applause"), Miley Cyrus's bum was the most ridiculed.

Gaga wore a costume at the VMA's which had her breasts and private parts covered in nothing but real sea shells. The "Applause" singer chose to keep her bum completely naked covering it with only a little string from the shell thong. The singer left nothing to the imagination of her fans, and the social media went crazy putting the pictures of Gaga's shapely ass. See pictures. 

Looking at the pictures, we can conclude that Gaga is blessed with a wonderful fit body and the Tumblr world was quick enough to compare her bum's picture with that of Miley Cyrus's.

No one is a stranger to how "We Can't Stop" singer gave a raunchy performance consisting mostly of sticking her behind at singer Robin Thicke's crotch. Miley went a step ahead and also stripped to her underwear on stage that had some shiny plastic-like material which did nothing to enhance her assets. She twerked to the tune of her latest single "We Can't Stop."

Miley's "as*" became the most ridiculed, taunted and the most laughed at bum in the social media sphere. Several pictures of her bum circulated on Twitter and Tumblr where her "thin" ass is compared chicken legs.

There is also a picture comparing Miley's teenage behind sticking out of her sticky plastic panties to that of Lady Gaga's thong-donned bum. The users have written "Squats" on Lady Gaga's bum picture while "No Squats" or "Twerk" is written on Miley's bum.

Twitter has funny quotes about Miley's ass and even a hashtag dedicated to her called "#mileyasssmallerthan."

"#mileyasssmallerthan Michelle's verses in Destinys Childs songs," wrote @iRun_BandzUp on Twitter.

"#mileyasssmallerthan Lebron's chance of getting a ring when he played for Cleveland," @MookieCartel wrote.

Another user, @emmycorinne, posted a picture of her big bum on Tumblr and wrote, "Miley Cyrus let me show you how it's done. Need to have a phat bum bum to be pulling stunts like that up on the stage."

Take a look at the pictures and let us know who do you think has a better bum - Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga?

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