See Who Hugged Leonardo DiCaprio's Crotch on the Red Carpet: How Did Leo React? [VIDEO]

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Fans sometimes do crazy acts for their favourite stars. Some fans want to touch their favourite stars; many want to hug them, while there are others who just want a simple autograph. But "The Wolf of Wall Street" actor Leonardo DiCaprio got a shocking welcome by a fan who hugged the actor's crotch! The incident happened when Leo arrived at the 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, California, on Saturday.

The prankster, who is better known as crotch hugger, has reportedly been identified as Ukrainian reporter Vitalii Sediuk from TV station 1+1, reports.

Sediuk hugged DiCaprio from the waist below and shocked him. Surprisingly, the 39-year-old actor did not get annoyed at the crotch-hugging act. The incident happened just for a few seconds before Leo's security team grabbed Sediuk from the actor's crotch and took him outside.

This is not the first time that the Ukrainian reporter attempted to do something like this. More recently, Sediuk grabbed Bradley Cooper's crotch on the red carpet at the 2014 SAG Awards. However, the reporter not only hugs crotches but does other weird stuff with actors, too. He threw water on Tom Cruise's face and tried to kiss Will Smith on lips! His other acts involve attempting to interrupt Adele's speech at the Grammy Awards in 2012, the Web site reports.

The video of the act with Leonardo DiCaprio has been uploaded on YouTube and the comments by the viewers are hilarious. Some of them are cracking jokes on the Ukrainian reporter's choice of prank while there are others who believe that Leonardo DiCaprio really handled the situation very well.

"Leo was just like, well if I'm not going to get any Oscar I guess I can use some bl--job while everyone freaking the f-ck out," writes Noimbling on YouTube.

"That was so awkward but hilarious! Leo was just like "oh hey, uh okay," writes harrydaily on YouTube.

"But seriously, do you know how many people would've knee that guy in the chin? Leo's one classy guy," writes MissAnime on YouTube.

What are your views? Do you believe that Leonardo DiCaprio did the right thing to maintain his cool in this situation? Watch the video below and tell you your views.

(Credit: YouTube/StageDetails)

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