SEE PHOTOS! Eva Longoria Wears No Panties at Cannes 2013, Revealed in Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction [SLIDESHOW]


 Desperate for attention or was it plain accident? ‘Desperate Housewives’ star, Eva Longoria has suffered major wardrobe malfunction when she attempted to protect her elegant green dress from wet ground and revealed way too much - - that she wasn’t wearing any panties - - as she lifted the side of her dress off the wet pavement at the red carpet photo line of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France.

Tony Parker could be grinning real big to see Eva Longoria in what could be one of any hot star’s most unforgettable and most embarrasing wardrobe malfunctions as she revealed a bit too much of herself, literally. Longoria could have just been trying to leg-bomb out the side of her green dress but only find herself in many photos, showing the whole world her private parts.

Eva wasn’t wearing anything at all!

The actress was at the 66th Cannes for the screening of the movie Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian) when the unfortunate malfunctio took place. She didn’t let the uber-slip take her snappy mood away, despite clearly being embarassed upon realizing the big treat she gave the army of photographers before her.

Composing herself, Eva was still giddy and posed for picture with Girls Aloud star, Chery Cole. She was even overheard as saying “it’s as if they’re long-lost twin sisers,” said Mirror UK.

 "Me and my twin sister @cherylcole at Cannes!" Eva was quoted as saying as she took to her Twitter following the incident.

As if to give Eva a sisterly pat on the back with her embarassing moment and to compliment her with the way she handled it, Cheryl also took to Twitter to commend the ‘Desperate Housewives” actress: "It was like looking at a prettier reflection, ha!"

Check out Eva Longoria’s “twin sisters” here. More photos of the actress suffering wardrobe malfunction as she revealed attending Cannes without underwear can also be found here.

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