Space Shuttle Columbia's Debris Emerge from Texas Lake (Video)

A piece of space shuttle Columbia, which was disintegrated on re-entry over the Texas state on February 1, 2003, has emerged as the Texas lake dried up because of drought.

Glowing in the Dark: Rare Pictures of Genetically Engineered Fluorescent Animals (PHOTOS)

Here are some of the most rare and spectacular pictures of the genetically modified glowing animals.

‘Deadly Rat’ Uses Poison to Kill Attackers

According to a new scientific report, a species of rat has masterminded an ingenious strategy that will see any predators that try to eat it fail miserably.

Virgin Galactic ‘SpaceshipTwo Space Tour:’ K. Sunshine is the New CFO

Virgin Galactic, the world's first commercial spaceline, has appointed its first Chief Financial Officer.

Nasa Satellite Captures an ‘Angel’ on Sun

A NASA satellite caught a stunning video of an enormous plasma twister rising from the sun's surface on July 12.

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