Secret Marriage for ‘Gossip Girl’ Star: Leighton Meester Weds Adam Brody

By @definemaych on

A very juicy gossip just went out that the two "Gossip Girl" star, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, have finally tied the knot just after three months of going public with their engagement, according to Us Magazine. She is the second "Gossip Girl" star who has finally tied the knot after Blake Lively got married with Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds in South Carolina last September of 2012.

The two met while filming the movie "The Oranges" in 2011 and since then have been close to each other. Fans were practically pairing the two together when they have finally gone public with their relationship in February 2013. Then just months after being open with their relationship status, the pair reportedly got engaged in November 2013.

Leighton and Adam are keen to keep their relationship out of the radar, however, the news of the secret marriage caught on fast as Adam was spotted with a gold ring on his left ring finger, according to People. Now, everyone knows what it means to have a ring on the left ring finger and that means that he is taken.

At first, the pair was thought to have planned a summer wedding this 2014 but apparently they could not wait any longer for the summer to come before saying their vows. It is definitely unexpected and may seem too fast but the two look so in love together and it just feels right for them to get hitched.

The rumoured newlyweds are both busy with their careers. Leighton is making her Broadway debut in "Of Mice and Men" and is said to be together with James Franco and Chris O'Dowd in the play. On the other hand, Adam is also got his hands full with his next upcoming movie "Think Like a Man Too" and "Lovelaced."

They are expected to be together in a comedy film "Life Partners" which is expected to be released this 2014. The title seems fitting for their current relationship as they are now already life partners off camera. Fans will be staying in tuned for more hush hush gossips from the two very secretive lovebirds.

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