THE SECOND TIME AROUND: Pattinson Back With Cronenberg; Stewart Is ‘Snow White’ Once More

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It seems that power couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are excellent at what they do - playing characters in distress - so much so that producers are clamouring to work with them once again.

For one, director David Cronenberg has expressed his eagerness to work with Pattinson again after "Cosmopolis", which was shown recently at Cannes. The young actor has already confirmed this, although RPattz doesn't know when the cameras will roll.

"It will be his first shoot in the United States and he promises it's going to be very strange," Robert gushes. The project referred to is entitled "Map To The Stars", a dark thriller penned by Bruce Wagner and is the nth film that would talk about Hollywood's dark side.

On how the film avoids being cliché, no one knows yet, but Cronenberg hopes to include long-time collaborator Viggo Mortensen on board as well.

The thespian adds, "The next two or three years are going to be crucial for me. It's now that everything happens." The pressure is on, of course, as Pattinson scrambles to find his footing in the film industry after the final Twilight film, "Breaking Dawn: Part 2", comes out later this year.

Meanwhile, it seems that his partner Kristen Stewart is doing well outside the franchise, as her recent fairy tale adaptation, "Snow White and the Huntsman", became a surprise box-office success.

Even though a sequel was previously announced, the need for it by home studio Universal Pictures has increased after raking in more than $118 million worldwide.

All three leads, including huntsman Chris Hemsworth and villain Charlize Theron are expected to return, while taking the role of the film's screenwriter is David Koepp.

Director Rupert Sanders is still unsure, though. "If we find a story that is better than this one, then we'' do it. All the actors here are very busy, they don't need to commit to something unless they really love it."

Co-stars Stewart and Hemsworth even joked about writing the script for the sequel. "It'll be better. Our version? We've basically written it. No, I'm kidding. We're gonna write the second one, all of us," the dame tells MTV News.

There are options for two sequels, so if everything falls into place, Snow might get her "happily ever after" on the third offering.

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