Second Baby Born with HIV Cured Within Hours After Birth: Could AIDS be Cured With Early Treatment?

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A baby who was born with H.I.V AIDS has been cured of the infection within hours after child's birth. This is the second case that has been reportedly cured of the infection and has now raised hopes of the treatment of the widespread disease.

According to the New Zealand Herald report, a second baby born, infected with AIDS virus was cured of the disease with "early treatment." It is said the child was treated "four hours after birth."

The announcement was made in an AIDS conference in Boston on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. The baby girl was born in Los Angeles in April, 2013. This was a month later when doctors reported the curing the first baby subjected to the treatment in Mississippi.  

The baby from Mississippi was put on treatment with antiretroviral drugs. The treatment started 30 hours after the baby was born. The case led to skepticism and speculations worldwide. But the second success story has provided a ray of hope and further testing and trials of the method followed by doctors in the two HIV AIDS cases of newborn babies.

The Mississippi baby is now three-and-half-years old and she is reportedly free of HIV virus. She has not received any treatment since two years. On the other hand, the Los Angeles baby is still undergoing the course of HIV AIDS medication and treatment. And it is not yet confirmed if her infection is completely cured.

After conducting "hosts of tests at multiple times," Dr. Deborah Persaud who is a physician at Johns Hopkins University told "Los Angeles baby has completely cleared the virus," according to New Zealand Herald report.  It is reported that LA baby is showing different signs from those whose "infections are merely suppressed by successful treatment."

It is said usually mothers who are infected with HIV AIDS are given medication in order to prevent them from passing the virus to the babies. But in the case of Mississippi baby, the disease was detected during the time of labor making the child more vulnerable to the infection. So the doctors decided to put her on HIV AIDS drugs even before she was tested for the infection.

In the case of LA baby who was born at Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach, doctors knew the mother and were aware that she was not taking any prenatal care for preventing HIV. The mother received drugs during labor and the baby was put on them a few hours after the birth. Tests confirmed that she was infected during the time of birth. More tests reveal that she is not infected now, that is a year after.  

Researchers have announced a clinical trial of this method that could possibly cure HIV AIDS in the babies born with it. It is said during this trial about 60 newborn babies infected with HIV AIDS virus will be put on these drugs within 48 hours of birth. However, doctors will have to follow-up for several years before they could conclude if the clinical trial is a success. If the treatment works during the clinical trials, approximately 250,000 babies will be subjected to treatment, each year globally.

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