Seattle Police to Reopen Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Case, Local TV Channel Claims

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On April 8, 1994, Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle
American singer and songwriter, Kurt Cobain suffered from heroin addiction, illness and depression. His body was found on April 8 but reports stated that he had committed suicide on April 5. REUTERS/Lee Celano/Files

New evidence related to legendary singer Kurt Cobain's death dramatically has forced a fresh review of the case. While it has been 20 years since Cobain was found dead in April 1994, the Nirvana singer's apparent suicide may suggest a different perspective.

Police found four rolls of film in undeveloped conditions in February 2014. Those were sealed inside bags in a police photo lab in Seattle. According to police, this time the photographs are much clearer than what was used 20 years back. That is why it will be possible to re0examine every evidence of the case. The Mirror reported that police did not, however, wish to launch a complete reinvestigation yet.

Electrician Gary Smith's name was written in the history books when he found the Smells Like Teen Spirit singer dead in his Lake Washington home. It was later determined by Seattle's chief medical examiner that Cobain, then 27, killed himself by shooting his head. When Mr Smith found his body, he was already dead for three days. It was only days after Cobain got released from rehab.

The singer struggled with depression, illness and heroin addiction in the latter part of his life. He did not find it easy to cope with his public image and fame either. He was married to Courtney Love whom he shared a highly stressed life with. His professional pressures were quite high as well.

Mr Smith remembered the moment he found Cobain's lifeless body. He told KIRO 7, a local television channel, that he thought that it was a mannequin. When he looked closer, he understood that it was "a person". He saw "an ear" and "blood" while "a weapon" was there on "his chest". He apparently found the suicide note as well. The note which he found on the top of planting soil in the greenhouse ended with repeated "I love you".

Reverse Claim

The Washington Post reported that the news of Kurt Cobain's case being reopened was false. The rumour started due to a report by KIRO 7 which stated that police had "re-examined" the case. KIRO 7 even posted on Twitter that the detective involved in the case told the managing editor of the channel about it. The Washington Post quoted police spokesperson Detective Renee Witt negating the rumour.

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