Seattle Pacific University Shooting: After Elliot Rodger, Another Man Kills One And Hurts Three

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In another university shooting, a gunman has opened fire at Seattle Pacific University on June 5 killing one person. Three people were wounded when in a shocking turn of events the person whose identity has been kept under wraps opened fire. The incident occurred in Otto Miller Hall at Seattle Pacific University, a Christian university. The university has a population of over 4,200 students.

According to reports by Washington Post, one person was killed and three wounded. Regarding the condition of the victims, CNN reported one wounded person was in critical state where the other two were in stable condition.

"We were on lockdown immediately for about two hours once this office was notified of the incident that occurred. At this time, we're no longer on lockdown and our campus is secure," an employee at Office Of Safety and Security told

CNN further reported a student stopped the shooter from going on a mass killing spree by knocking him down.

"The gunman was reloading a shotgun when the student, working as a building monitor, used pepper spray and knocked him down, " the Web site reported.

Briana Clarke, one of the students, told the  Web site that she was in Otto Miller Hall when she heard two muffled shots.

"I thought it was another one of my professors that was giving a demonstration," she said. I walked into the hallway and saw a classmate of mine running frantically, saying that someone had been shot."

This was a second university shooting after Elliot Rodger allegedly killed six people and injured seven more in University of California, Santa Barbara campus on May 23. 

Regarding the shooting in the University Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said in a news conference, "This is a tragic moment for Seattle and a tragic moment for America once again."


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