Screen Size Wars: Would You Prefer a ‘Giant Screen’ Over a ‘Lilliputian Screen’? Will Apple Bite the Bullet With iPhone 6?

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The debate on big vs. small screen is a never ending saga. Although there are many parameters one would consider before choosing a handset, the screen size is always the deal breaker.

For those who have been using big screens, getting accustomed to a relatively small screen is a herculean task.

With screens getting wider and bigger daily with Samsung, HTC, Oppo leading the pack, Apple is still sticking to its age old small screen relatively.

Based on reports, nearly one-fourth of smartphones shipped worldwide in the third quarter of 2013 had 5-inch plus display.

Rumors claimed Apple might upgrade the screen size for iPhone 6, from its regular 4 inches plus display to something comparatively bigger.

If Apple starts to sell big screens in the future, there is no doubt that Apple is playing the catch-up game with Samsung's Galaxy phones with a big chunk of people looking for bigger and better screens.

Here is an account by Jillian D'Onfro of Business Insider on her experience with large screened phone/phablet:

Encounter With Large Screen, Apple vs. Samsung Screen War

According to Jillian, she's been using a smartphone with a 4.3-inch display. But recently, she switched to the gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It's been several weeks of use but she would not trade her big screen for small screen ever. Déjà vu?

From the first look, she felt Note 3 looked ridiculously huge and she almost felt the phablet is an obnoxious novelty to carry around. According to her, here is the list of advantage in using a big screened phone.


1. YouTube videos looked impressive on the Note's clear-and-bright display.

2. Very helpful when reading lengthy articles without having to squint the eyes.

3. Instagram photos looked surreal and very alluring.

4. The camera on Note 3 is flawless.

5. Camera focus is super sharp.

6. Playing games become all the more interesting and addictive with the big screen.

7. Scrolling the feed looked seamless and smooth with the extra large reading room.

8. Samsung's Galaxy Note phones come with the "S Pen" (Stylus), which lets the user make elaborate drawings on the screen.

9. The touch screen is very responsive that typing becomes gentler and coherent.

10. Calls are clearer than ever. Jillian claimed the sheer size of the Note 3 extends from ear to mouth and makes phone call sound clearer.

Big-Screen Convert

As expected, Jillian loved her Galaxy Note 3 within several weeks of using the phablet/phone. 

"To anyone who says that they wouldn't like using a big phone before ever trying one, I urge you to reconsider," she said. A smartphone/phablet with a large screen like the Note 3 offers incredible overall experience.

"Everything a little phone can do, a big phone can do better, besides fitting in your pocket," she added.

As they say, "the bigger, the better."

It's Apple's Game to Lose

Will Apple bite the bullet finally? In any case, if Apple does not offer a relatively large screen, it's going to lose more customers to Samsung and the rest of the front runners as more people are interested in investing in mammoth screens than their smaller counterparts.

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