Radioactive Sulfur Caught in San Diego Declared Harmless, 'Almost Nothing'

In March, a small amount of radioactive sulfur from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was detected in California. But researchers now say that the amount was not dangerous to health.

Zebra Finches

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Homosexual Bonds Just as Strong as Heterosexual in Zebra Finches

A study led by Julie Elie from the University of California Berkeley found that male zebra finches formed strong homosexual bonds that were just as loving and affectionate as their heterosexual counterparts.

Found in Manaus, Brazil.Cuniculus paca (Lowland paca).

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Exotic Animals Pictured in 'Rare Moments' With Camera Traps [PHOTOS]

Roughly 52,000 snapshots of rare, exotic mammals were taken by a group of international scientists with camera-traps earlier this week, offering a global view of declining mammal populations.

Gay Zebra Finch Couples Just as Loving as Straight

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Gay Bird Couples Just as Loving as Heterosexual

New research indicates that same-sex zebra finch couples are just as affectionate and likely to stay together as their heterosexual equivalents.

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Scientists Solve Mystery of Arrow-shaped Cloud on Saturn Moon

The gigantic white cloud that appears on Titan's surface may be the result of planetary-scale atmospheric waves, scientists say.


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Move over Tom Cruise, Robots Can Now do Mission Impossible (VIDEO)

A research team from Universite Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium won an award for its swarmanoid, a group of three types of robots.

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