Fukushima Radiation Tests on Waters Along U.S. Coast Yield Negative Results

Tests looking for possible Fukushima radiation contamination on the waters along the U.S. coast continued to yield negative results, a group of scientists said on Tuesday. However, they warned low levels of radiation from the March 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan are still expected to reach the US shore.


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Antibody Targets Multiple Flu Strains With Long, Powerful Protein Fingers

Scientists dream of universal flu vaccines and therapies that could throttle pandemics before they even have a chance to spread, and the recent discovery a new, multi-tasking antibody suggests it might be possible.

Reports of Drug-resistant Tuberculosis in India Have US CDC on Alert

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Hope For New Drug-Resistant TB Treatment From Bacterial Compound

Scientists have figured out how a compound called pyridomycin kills the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, and found that it can work its magic even against certain drug-resistant strains.

Van Gogh's 'Flowers In A Blue Vase'

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Van Gogh Painting's Color-Changing Flowers Demystified By Chemists

Researchers say areas of a Van Gogh painting where bright yellow flowers have turned orange-gray is the result of a previously undocumented kind of chemical degredation caused by an interaction between paint and varnish.

Jupiter-like planets

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Two Unique Jupiter-like Planets Found in Star Cluster

Discovery points to more and more planets that can thrive in diverse and extreme environments.

Broken Pyrex

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Shattered Glass: Beware Exploding Baking Dishes

A spate of consumer reports of shattering glass cookware can be explained by the kind of glass that manufacturers are using, which is less able to withstand large, sudden temperature changes than cookware that uses a classic formula.

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