Scholarship Scandal: Vandals Hit Whitehouse Institute of Design Over Frances Abbott Scholarship, More Protests Underway

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Despite the silence the past few days over the $60,000 scholarship given by the Whitehouse Institute of Design to Frances Abbott, the scandal is far from over. On Wednesday, reported that the institute was vandalised overnight to protest the apparently political decision of Whitehouse to grant the scholarship to the then Opposition leader's daughter.

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The institute's Surry Hills headquarters' front windows were filled with stickers that read: "BULLS**T." However, the stickers ( have already been removed.

The Surry Hills police went to the college on Wednesday morning to probe the vandalism.

Although the stickers are gone, activist groups will make known on Wednesday afternoon their sentiment about the Abbott scholarship with a plan by the Socialist Alternative to hold a protest outside the school's Melbourne campus where Frances works.

Elliott Downes, an 18-year-old protester, said the scholarship grant "represents everything that is wrong with the system where the Prime Minister's daughter went to an elite institution for virtually nothing while working class kids are going to pay through the roof because of her father's actions."

She added, quoted by, "Protests like the one today are the only way we have a hope of beating back the Abbott Government's attacks on education, and everything else included in their horror budget."

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She stressed that Social Alternative is not behind the Surry Hills vandalism, but what happened reflects the general feeling of outrage among Aussie students over the scholarship grant which many feel was underserved and the Coalition plans to deregulate university fees which would further hike cost of courses.

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