Schapelle Corby Banned From Giving TV Interviews

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Australian Schapelle Corby is banned from doing a television interview because it will cause “restlessness” in the local community. The Indonesian government has threatened to revoke her parole if she goes ahead with it.

The 36-year-old convicted drug smuggler was granted parole on February 7, nine years after she was jailed in a Bali prison for carrying 4.1 kilos of marijuana in the Indonesian island.

There were reports that she made a deal with Australia’s Seven Network for an exclusive interview for $2 million, but it appears that that would have to be scrapped because local authorities in Indonesia has banned her from appearing on television.

Deputy justice and human rights minister Denny Indrayana said he and minister Amir Syamsuddin believe that an interview would breach the regulations governing prisoners on parole.

“If you’re going to do the interview, especially if it’s going to be paid, it will cause... restlessness in the community, so I have instructed the officer here at the Corrections Bureau to advise the family not to do it, because in the end, it will, to our understanding, cause polemic,” he was quoted by Fairfax Media as saying on Thursday.

“It’s going to cause polemic, so it’s possible that we will revoke her parole.”

Under Corby’s parole conditions, she must stay in Bali until the expiration of her sentence, which is in 2016, and has to stay for one more year under supervision. She was expected to stay with her sister, Mercedes, in Kuta, Southern Bali, until 2017 before she can go home in Gold Coast.

However, it appears that instead of her sister’s house, she has chosen an expensive accommodation. She was also pictured drinking beer in the clothes that she was wearing upon her release from Kerobokan Prison, causing media and public controversy in the Southeast Asian country.

Mr Indrayana said that while Corby has freedom of speech, “her release was with conditions.”

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