Scary Old School Surgical Tools That Will Freak You Out


Anybody would cringe at the mere thought of all those strange and scary clinical aides and probes that are used to examine patients in a doctor's surgery room. Apparently, in the past it used to be a lot scarier. A quick glance through some of the creepy vintage medical devices that were in use in the past is all it takes to make you feel relieved for being born in a relative modern era.

Here are some absurd medical gadgets that were in use in the yore:

1. The ice cube mask, which includes large chunks of ice kept on the face was supposed to be effective for hangovers. Could it be an ice bucket challenge of sorts for the patients?

2. The Portable respirator for polio with huge pipes and a heavy design that is fastened to the patient surely would have made them like a robot or someone on a space mission. It is not sure whether anyone could have cured of polio, by getting strapped to this machine?

3. French 16th century bullet extractor that looked more like an ornate sword rather than a high precision surgical tool could still get the bullets out of the patients. The screw tip is inserted into the wound to pierce the bullet so that it can be pulled out! 

4. If you thought nose sculpting and rhinoplasty was something that only the modern people do, you could be in for a surprise. This device that is tightly strapped on to the nose to make it shapely would have surely hurt the beauty conscious wearer!

5. An appointment with the dentist might never have been fun with all the sturdy gadgets in use such as the Mouth gag/mouth stretcher from the 1930's that look mean and muscular like a saw.

6. Perhaps the funniest of all is the anti-masturbation codpiece, which has a bronze case shaped like the male genital organ that would help you to get over the temptation of reaching out to it!  You won't do it if you put this bronze thing in your pants!

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