Scary Brazil Video Featuring Spiders Falling from Phone Lines Becomes Viral (VIDEOS)

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Residents of San Antonio de Platina in Brazil were treated to a rain of spider over the weekend.

The video footage of the spider fall was taken by 20-year-old Web designer Erick Reis while he was about to attend a friend's engagement party on Sunday, which he poste immediately on the Internet.

As of Monday, the video has become viral, logging over 460,000 hits.

The spiders were dangling from a massive web between telephone poles. A local biologist said the spiders belong to the specie Anelosimus eximius known for working in teams to catch their prey, mostly insects. Its venom is not deadly to humans.

Marta Fischer, spider biologist from the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana, said spiders from that species are known as social spiders. During daytime, they stay in the trees and build webs in the afternoon and evenings. Individual spiders initially make their own webs, but afterward all the spiders join their webs together. The cycle is repeated since they destroy their webs in the morning to beat the birds to the task. Up to 50,000 individual spiders share a web.

Spider invasions are not new to Brazilians.

Some species such as the Brazilian Wandering Spider have deadly bites.

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