The Scariest Doll Alive: Robert the Haunted Doll vs. Annabelle Doll from 'The Conjuring' [PHOTOS]

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Since "The Conjuring" hit the big screens worldwide, fans have been questioning the authenticity of the film. If there is one item in the film based on fact it would be none other than the Annabelle doll. While the film doll is quite different in appearance in real life, the story remains as hair raising as ever. Yet, another doll named Robert the Haunted Doll that inspired the making of Chucky in "Child's Play" also exists in another museum. Now, which doll is scarier: Robert or Annabelle?

Quite a few occult fanatics headed out to the Occult Museum located behind Ed and Lorraine Warren's home in Connecticut. The purpose of their visit is to take one good look at the doll named Annabelle who made her "film appearance" in "The Conjuring." While the Raggedy Ann doll may appear innocent, all locked up in a special glass case, it's quite the opposite.

Annabelle was formerly owned by a nursing student named Donna in 1970. The doll was a gift from her mother. Donna never gave the doll a second thought until it started moving on its own. The first few weeks, Donna noticed subtle movements from the doll; however, as the days passed, the doll appeared to become fully mobile. One time, Donna had come home to find the doll perched on the couch when she had left it on the bed.

Things became scarier when Donna's friend, Lou, got involved. Donna would find pieces of parchment paper around the house with the message "Help Us" or "Help Lou" scribbled in writing. Yet, Donna continued to be unconvinced that something sinister was going on with the doll. The time came to call a medium when Donna found blood stains on the doll.

According to the medium, a 7-year-old girl Annabelle Higgins died in Donna's apartment and latched on to the Raggedy Ann doll. Feeling for the girl, Donna and her roommate, Angie, agreed to let Annabelle stay. From this point on, things went from worse to worst. Ed and Lorraine Warren were then called to investigate the doll. Upon agreeing that the doll was inhabited by a demon, Annabelle was taken away from Donna and was kept in a locked case at the Occult Museum until today.

Another doll equally as disturbing as Annabelle lives in the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Fla. Robert the Haunted Doll, as he is called, used to be owned by Robert Eugene Otto. The doll was allegedly a gift from Eugene's caregiver who was believed to have cursed the doll with black magic. Eugene's parents first thought nothing of the doll until they heard their son talking to the doll and Robert talking back in a deep and sinister voice. Things took a turn for the worse when Eugene was found screaming "Robert did it!" in the middle of the night. Out of options, Eugene's parents locked Robert the doll in the attic.

Eventually, Eugene grew up, married and sold off the estate leaving the doll in the attic. A new family moved in with a 10-year-old daughter who found the doll in the attic. The doll was taken away from home when the girl claimed that Robert tortured and tried to kill her. Robert the Haunted Doll was said to be the inspiration behind Chucky of "Child's Play" who tried to kill his owners in attempts of becoming a real child.

Like Annabelle, Robert the Haunted Doll is kept in a glass case. Anyone wanting to take a photo of him must ask for permission, if not, the person taking the photo would eventually be cursed.

Check out the slideshow to see Annabelle and Robert the Haunted Doll. Which doll is the scariest doll - alive?

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