‘Scandal’: Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young Talk Season 4, New Actors Roped-In [VIDEO]

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"Scandal" Season 4 is set to reinvent itself after Season 3 wrapped-up on a devastating note. The characters are likely to find themselves tackling new beginnings. The show, however, will continue to remain intense.

Glamour has quoted Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie in the show, as saying, "The [writers and producers] have blown our minds with the way they've reinvented everything, but they've managed to keep it at the same intensity level too."

In the previous season Fitz was re-elected as the President of the U.S., but his son was murdered. Olivia blamed herself for the death of Fitz's son and also for the series of unfortunate events that had unfolded around her. She got on a plane, which was arranged by her father Rowan, and was heading towards an undisclosed location, with Jake.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of the political drama series, "is not repeating herself," Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, said to Glamour, adding, "if you think about where we ended the last season, of course it's different because everything's darker."

The fragrance of romance is unlikely to return to Mellie and Fitz's relationship, but these two are going to come close in the new season as a family. In Season 3, Fitz learned that his father had raped Mellie and they are also grieving the loss of their son. "We [Fitz and Mellie] have a very interesting relationship. It always has been, but it's gone to a new place," Goldwyn told Glamour.

In his recent interview with Celebified, Goldwyn said that Olivia keeps coming back to Fitz because she loves him. He also said that they know what makes each other tick. "She [Olivia] trusts him," he said. Goldwyn also believes that Olivia and Fitz are going to be together.

In the upcoming season, Fitz has a "lot to wrestle with," according to Goldwyn, as his son has been murdered, Olivia has left the planet and gone with Jake and also Fitz has to put together a new administration.

Goldwyn called Olivia "a part of the weird triangle," which is a necessary element. He also said that Fitz and Mellie have to take care of each other and the family, but it would not be in the romantic sense.

Meanwhile, Mary McCormack and Josh Randall have been roped-in to guest star in the upcoming season, according to The Hollywood Reporter [THR]. The report does not provide details about the characters that these two actors are going to portray. McCormack and Randall, however, are expected to appear in an episode that is likely to air early October.

In addition to McCormack and Randall, Portia de Rossi and Kelen Coleman are also joining the cast of "Scandal" Season 4. Rossi has a recurring role. Regina King is directing episode 16 of "Scandal" Season 4.

Columbus Short, who plays Harrison Wright, is not returning in Season 4. It can be assumed that Rowan's man shot the man who had come to know the murderous secrets of Rowan.

"Scandal" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on September 25, 2014. 


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