‘Scandal’ Season 4: What will Happen to Olivia and Fitz’s Relationship?

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ABC has yet to announce that it has renewed "Scandal" for Season 4. But, it is almost certain that "Scandal" will be renewed for another season. This political drama series has been raking in good ratings and also Season 3 ended, with multiple-cliff-hangers.

One of the cliff-hangers was Olivia Pope flying-off, with Jake sitting beside her, to an undisclosed location. In the season finale of "Scandal" Season 3, Fitz won the election but lost his son Jerry. Olivia, like everyone else, concluded that it is her mother who is responsible for the death of Jerry. He died after getting infected with a substrain of bacterial meningitis. It is Rowan who had ordered Tom to kill Jerry, but Olivia does not suspect her father.   

In the final episode, a distraught Olivia felt that she is the one who needs to be fixed, as she is at the centre of whatever is happening. "I'm the thing that needs to be fixed, I'm the thing that needs to be handled. I'm the Scandal," she says in the season finale of "Scandal" Season 3.  

She took up her father's offer, which she had refused in the first episode of season three, to get on a plane and get out of the mess. Jake boarded that plane, too, so that he can stand in the sun with Olivia. In one of the scenes, Olivia confessed that she loves Fitz and feels guilty that she felt something when she had sex with Jake.

Fitz and Mellie have lost their son and it is very much expected that they will be there for each other, as family. Fitz knows that his father raped Mellie, which also makes it difficult for him to end his marriage. Also, Olivia and Jake flying out together is not something Fitz will find to his liking. So, what will happen to Olivia and Fitz's relationship in the new season?

Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, said to The Hollywood Reporter, "They [Fitz and Mellie] have to take care of each other; they're family."  The actor also said that the "necessity of Olivia in Fitz's life is never going to diminish; it's not going to go anywhere. Olivia is the woman that Fitz needs to be with as a partner, lover and soul mate. That's never going to change and that hasn't changed, but Mellie is Fitz's family."

According to Goldwyn, if Olivia had not run away, Fitz would have come-up with some kind of family formula, which would have Olivia, Mellie and his two kids.  

"But now that Olivia is in the wind, I'm not sure how that's going to impact things. That's going to be a pretty rough wake-up call for Fitz, he said.

When asked if losing Jerry Jr. will change where Fitz stands with Olivia, the actor said that it is not going to happen. "I don't see Fitz's feelings for Olivia being diminished in any way," Goldwyn said.

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