Scandal Season 4 Update: Tony Goldwyn to Direct Kerry Washington in Episode 11 [VIDEO]

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Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitz in "Scandal," is set to direct episode 11 of "Scandal" Season 4, which means he will be going behind the camera to direct Kerry Washington and rest of the "Scandal" cast.  The actor recently revealed in an interview that Kerry, who plays Olivia Pope on the show, constantly teases him and that everyone makes fun of him on the set of "Scandal."

In an interview with Us Weekly, Goldwyn has said that it is "fantastic" working with Kerry, adding that "except that she teases me constantly!"

"Everyone makes fun of me... but it's really great," the actor added.  

The actor also said that there is no surety in the show when someone is going to survive.  Speaking about the exit of Columbus Short, who played Olivia's associate Harrison Wright, Goldwyn said to Us Weekly, "He's great. But on Scandal, like what happened to Dan Bucatinsky [and his character James Novak] last year, you never know when we're gonna survive." In Season 3, as the new command and to save the republic, Jake killed James and let David Rosen go.

As previously reported, Short is not returning for Season 4 to play Harrison. It can be assumed that Rowan's man Tom killed Harrison to stop him from revealing the truth to others. He was the only character in Season 3 finale who had deduced that Rowan was behind the killing of President's son, and not Mom Pope. When he confronted Rowan, the latter did not deny any of his accusations and spelled-out his real motive.

The Season 3 finale also saw Olivia boarding the plane arranged by her father to take her to an undisclosed location. Jake was sitting beside her on that plane. In an interview with Gold Derby, Washington did not disclose whether it is Jake and Olivia or it is Fitz and Olivia in Season 4. She said, "I don't know. I'm always, I'm not Team Jake or Team Fitz, I'm Team Shonda ... so whatever Shonda writes, I'm game."

"But I also, I just want Olivia to be able to find happiness and peace and love. I feel like the season finale was definitely an episode that challenged Olivia, there were a lot of ups and downs in that one for sure," Washington added.

The filming of "Scandal" Season 4 is scheduled to begin at the end of July. 


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