‘Scandal’ Season 4: Is Jerry’s Sneeze Contagious?

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"Scandal" Season 3 wrapped-up with multiple cliff-hangers, including that of Olivia and Jake on a plane heading to an undisclosed location. The shocker of the finale was the killing of Jerry Jr. He was infected with a strain of bacterial meningitis, and died because of that. There were speculations that another major character may have been infected, as well, and "Scandal" Season 4 is likely to deal with that.

Meningitis is highly contagious and Jerry Jr. sneezed before he collapsed. Mellie was standing beside her son and was the first to notice him coughing. She held Jerry when he collapsed while trying to draw the attention of Fitz. If "Scandal" was not fiction and real life drama, Mellie and Fitz would have been kept under-observation and given shots. 

When Yahoo TV asked Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie, if anyone should be worried about Mellie's heath, as meningitis is commonly passed through sneezing on someone, the actress said that she was not aware about that as she does not use Google to dig-up information on medicine related stuff.  

"Oh no, I didn't... I don't Google things about medicine on the Internet because I get myself all worked up. But now I'll be all worked up! I don't know! He did, he sneezed all over me, there was blood all over my blazer... now I'm terrified," Young said to Yahoo TV.

The second installment of "Scandal" Season 3 featured Andrew and Mellie's steamy relationship and its abrupt end. Young does not think that there was a closure when it comes to Mellie and Andrew's relationship.

When asked if she feels there was a closure, Young said, "No, I don't! And I hope that's good -- I hope that's still a question mark. Who knows..."  

Meanwhile, Columbus Short, who plays Harrison, has confirmed that he will be not returning to "Scandal" for Season 4. In Season 3 finale, Harrison figures out that Rowan had ordered the killing of Jerry Jr., and not Mom Pope. Harrison's scene ended with Tom pointing a gun at him. It was not shown whether Tom shot at him, or not. With Short's exit from the show, it can be assumed that Tom shot at Harrison and put an end to his life.

ABC has yet to announce that it has renewed "Scandal" for Season 4. 

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