‘Scandal’ Season 3 Top 5 SPOILERS: Jake to Turn Dark, Finding Mom Pope, New Beginning for Liv and Rowan

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There is still some time for "Scandal" Season 3 to return with new episodes. The episode 11, "Ride Sally Ride," is scheduled to air on February 27, 2014. The main focus of the upcoming eight episodes will centre on Presidential election. The new episodes will also deal with the disappearance of Mom Pop, Jake becoming the new command, Huck firing Quinn, Sally killing Daniel Douglas, and Cyrus and James' rift.  

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the cast of "Scandal" spilled some spoilers about the new episodes. Kerry Washington said to THR that the next instalment of Season 3 will show Olivia's "emotional reality," as she learns more about her parents.   

Olivia and her father, Rowan, relationship was never normal once her mother left. For a long time, they were estranged. Olivia never minced her words, expressing her disgust and anger for her father. The new episodes will see their relationship evolving. Washington said that Olivia and her father's relationship will be less strained. She told THR: "So Olivia starts off this second half of the season with a lot more compassion for Rowan because in some ways, they've both been victims."

 The actress, however, did not reveal whether her character will be part of Fitz's re-election campaign.  She said that how she arrives at a decision will be interesting to watch. Whatever Olivia decides, her gladiators will be at her side. Washington reveals that in one of the episodes Huck will be seen wearing a suit.

After getting fired from OPA, Quinn will try finding her new identity. Also, there is a chance of Quinn and Charlie romance. Katie Lowe, who plays Quinn, said that: "There are definitely feelings there between Charlie and Quinn." The actress revealed that Charlie is the only person who is by her side and showing her love. Meanwhile, Huck will not be shown repenting about the way he treated Quinn. He is sticking to his decision to fire Quinn.

The Command's chair looks like comes with a dark genie. According to THR, Jake will be turning dark, as the new Command of B613. Guillermo Diaz said: "There are these little things that start to seep in, little moments where you see that darkness come from Jake -- and it's really interesting how they're doing it."

Olivia and her associates are not giving-up on Mom Pope. Diaz said that finding her is on their agenda. He says that Mom Pope is going come back with "gun blazing."

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