‘Scandal’ Season 3 Spoilers/Preview of Episode 17: Bigger Mess in ‘Flesh and Blood’ [VIDEO]

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The penultimate episode of "Scandal" Season 3 is titled "Flesh and Blood." It is the episode when the mess ends-up becoming a bigger mess. The main highlight of the episode is likely to be the ticking big bomb.

"Right when you think the mess is cleaned up in this next episode [Episode 17], it only gets worse. They end up with a bigger mess at the end of the next episode!" Darby Stanchfield said to Yahoo TV.

She also said that there is "too much of a mess happening" in the last two episodes of "Scandal" Season 3. "It gets so crazy" in the final two episodes, according to Stanchfield.

In the previous episode, "The Fluffer," Olivia and her team finally succeeded in pulling the plug on B-613, but this success has come at a cost. Huck managed to hack B-613's servers and shut it down, and as a result, Jake and the B-613 team lost the surveillance signals. They were unable to track the movement of Mom Pope and Adnan, with the big bomb. The target of the bomb is either the White House or the President's campaign.

At the end of Episode 16, Jake said to Olivia: "You just killed the president." It is unlikely that the bomb will explode in episode 17. The preview clip of the episode, however, suggests that it will be race against time to save the President, as he may go against Olivia's advice to cancel his campaign plans. OPA and B-613 might work together to stop Mom Pope and Adnan from detonating the bomb.


Official Synopsis of "Scandal" Season 3 Episode 17, "Flesh and Blood": "A security breach calls for an all hands on deck situation at OPA. Fitz's re-election campaign becomes stalled and he considers going against Olivia's advice. Meanwhile, Adnan and Maya continue to plot their next move."

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