‘Scandal’ Season 3 SPOILERS: Old Rumours to Surface, Nudity in Upcoming Episodes

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It seems the second installment of "Scandal" Season 3 will keep the viewers at the edge of their seats, as the preview clip and the spoilers suggest that the new episodes are packed with twisted twists, shocking turns of events, and revelations.

The Season 3 of ABC's "Scandal" will return on February 27, 2014, with a new episode called "Ride, Sally, Ride." In this episode, Sally is set to make a shocking announcement, probably after Leo Bergen's pep-talk.

The focus of the remaining eight episodes of "Scandal" Season 3 will centre on the election campaign. According to Natalie Abrams of TV Guide, the campaign will be in "full swing" when "Scandal" returns. It will not be an easy campaign for Fitz, as he will have to deal with old rumours as well as tackle someone who is seeking revenge.

Abrams said: "The campaign will be in full swing ... but Fitz may not make it out unscathed. He'll have to deal with both someone swearing vengeance against him and resurfacing old rumours."

She also hinted at "interesting nudity" in the upcoming episodes. This is likely to feature Mellie and her potential love interest. Darby Stanchfield had said to E! Online that the first lady has "some really good, steamy stuff coming up." Columbus Short had said, "The first four episodes are literally, you're going to need respirators. It's crazy," Short teased."

It was reported earlier that Jon Tenney has been roped-in to portray Mellie's potential love interest. Bellamy Young had said to TV Guide that this love interest "will throw a wrench in the works [Fitz's election campaign] in the very best of ways."

 "Scandal" Season 3 consists of 18 episodes. According to reports, ABC has reduced the number of episodes because of Kerry Washington's real life pregnancy. ABC's brief synopsis of the new episode suggests that Olivia will find herself in a new challenging role. It will be interesting to watch whether Olivia will decide to be part of Fitz's re-election campaign, or not.  

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