Scandal Season 3 SPOILERS: Fitz, Olivia Relationship Continue, Mellie Gets a New Love Interest

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There is still some time for "Scandal" Season 3 to return with its second installment of episodes. There are some spoilers now available to provide of sketchy glimpse of what is going to happen in the upcoming, new episodes.

TV Line reveals that the second installment of "Scandal" Season 3 is likely to focus on the re-election campaign of Fitz. There are going to be loose ends, which might make things complicated in the remaining episodes of this season. The mid-season finale opened-up more than a couple of story-lines. Mom Pope was revealed as being a terrorist and she was supposed to be out of the country but turned out in Washington D.C and gave a call to her daughter. President and Jake's coup against Rowan, the command of B316, was successful. Jake is the new command. Huck told Quinn that she was no longer the gladiator. Also, Cyrus thought he had buried the truth of Sally murdering her husband, Daniel Douglas, by making it look like he had died of heart-attack. However, David gets hold of evidence, which alludes to Douglas' death not being just another case of heart-attack.        

Betsy Beers, executive producer of "Scandal," said to TV Line that "it's going to be interesting to see how much the fat lady sung" about Douglas "heart attack." She also hinted about "incredibly complicated combo plate of reactions" when Olivia learns about Jake being the new command.

It looks like Huck does not have the power to officially fire Quinn. Beers said that Quinn's gladiator status is unlikely to be revoked, officially.  As reported earlier, Jon Tenney has been roped in to play a charming man who might be Mellie's potential love interest.

Talking about where Fitz and Olivia's relationship is heading, Beers said: "Fitz and Olivia are always intertwined in very odd and new ways. I would expect that that's something that will continue."

 "Scandal" Season 3 is scheduled to return on Feb 27, 2014. This season consist of 18 episodes, as a result of Kerry Washington's real life pregnancy. 

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