'Scandal' Season 3 SPOILERS: Episode 15 to Introduce Jerry and Karen as Fitz's Children

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In the second installment of "Scandal" Season 3, two children will be introduced, Jerry and Karen. These are Fitz's grown-up kids and they are expected to appear in episode 15.

TV Line reports that the actors portraying Jerry and Karen will have guest-starring roles. The "Scandal" team is currently casting actors for these two roles. The report describes Jerry, 15, as "quiet, smart and intense."

Jerry's younger sister, Karen, will come across as more mature than her age. Karen's character has been described as "polished and self-assured."

It was reported earlier that Jon Tenney has been roped in play the First Lady's, Mellie, potential love interested. The actor will have a recurring role and reportedly, viewers can expect some steamy moments between the two.  According to Bellamy Young, he "will throw a wrench in the works in the very best of ways."

What Else to Expect in the second installment of "Scandal" Season 3: The seat of B-613's Command will turn Jake a little dark. The relationship between Olivia and Rowan will take a positive-turn. Olivia's emotional side will surface, as she deals with her parents' new truth. Huck will not be in a mood to forgive Quinn and restore her status as the gladiator. Charlie will be at Quinn's side, showing his love for her. Gladiators will continue looking for Mom Pope. James and Cyrus relationship is going to be severely tested.      

The Episode 11 of "Scandal" Season 3, "Ride Sally Ride," is scheduled to air on February 27, 2014. The Season 3 consists of 18 episodes, reportedly due to Kerry Washington's real life pregnancy.

The remaining eight episodes will focus on election campaign. "There will be all sorts of machinations trying to get us back in the White House for another four years," said Young to The Hollywood Reporter.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kerry did not confirm whether Olivia will be part of Fitz's re-election campaign. She said that it is more interesting to see how she comes to a decision.

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