‘Scandal’ Season 3 Spoilers Episode 14: ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ Reveals Who Got Shot [VIDEOS]

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The episode 14 of "Scandal" Season 3 is titled "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." The episode promises to take viewers on another round of twisted ride. The previous episode, "No Sun on the Horizon," ended on a shocking note, as Jake turned into a murderous command of B-613. He shot dead Vanessa Chandler and the NSA employee who had given the call recording of Sally and Cyrus to David. After killing them, Jake shot at either James or David. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" will reveal who got shot.

The preview of the episode does not reveal who gets shot or killed. Scott Foley, who plays Jake, said to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), "It's safe to say someone gets shot. I don't know about killed, but I think it's safe to say someone gets shot. I will not say that someone gets killed." In the interview with THR, Foley also indicated that Jake's storyline is set to become darker. He said that Jake killed the two women for the "greater good," to protect the Republic.

Foley did not rule out the possibility that David survives and might become a mole, working for B-613. According to the actor, life will not be the same for the one who gets to live. "Life for whoever was facing Jake at the end of this episode, whether it's one or both lives, will not be the same," Foley said. He considers Sally still an "absolute threat."

Meanwhile, Andrew and Mellie will have their moments in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." In one of the leaked sneak peeks, Andrew can be seen saying to Mellie that it is a shame that he [Fitz] cannot see her the way he does. There is a possibility that this episode will have the much talked about steamy scene between these two.


Also, Adnan Salif returns in the episode. In another sneak peek, she can be seen approaching Harrison and later leaving in fear. Adnan wants to know if Harrison's boss, Olivia, has friends at the justice department, as a friend [Mom Pope] must be looking for an escape route. This might be a ruse to get Olivia involved and for a meeting between the mother and daughter.

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