Scandal Season 3: No One Safe in Final Episodes; Will Fitz Give-Up on Olivia? [SPOILERS]

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"Scandal" is set to become more intense and explosive as it barrels towards its Season 3 finale.  Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitz, has indicated that no one is safe in the upcoming episodes, and whatever happens will impact all the major characters, irreversibly.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter [THR], Goldwyn said that it "gets more intense" in the final three episodes. "You aren't going to believe the next three episodes; it's really outrageous."

" I didn't know how she [Shonda Rhimes, creator of "Scandal"] would top the death of James Novak [Jake had killed him to protect the republic], and yet she has with this one. The stakes keep getting higher and she [Shonda] just does not back down. All boundaries are removed and truly anything can happen. None of us are safe."

The actor, however, did not confirm whether some major characters will die in the season finale, but he revealed that "... major characters are certainly impacted in irreversible ways by this momentum that is building."

In the previous episode of "Scandal" Season 3, Fitz came to know about Mellie and Andrew's affair, which led to a heated conversation between the two. Fitz also snapped at Olivia when she tried to intervene, so that President's family can get ready for the family interview. The snapping moment looked like Fitz and Olivia's relationship deal-breaker.

When asked how Fitz will balance his relationship with Olivia while keeping his picture perfect family image, Goldwyn said to THR, "I don't know how he'll balance it, but rest assured, Fitz is never going to give up on Olivia."

He also said that it is Olivia who "closes the walls up so the job is never going to be easy."  

In addition to Fitz's family affair and Olivia's efforts to bring President's family together for a live interview, the previous episode of "Scandal" also featured Adnan drugging Harrison and getting information about President's re-election campaign itinerary.

Goldwyn said that Mom Pope and Adnan are "certainly" plotting "something extreme" as they have "all the president's movements for the entire campaign." The actor also said that Ivan is not messing around and the plotline involving these three characters "isn't going to cool  down."

"Scandal" Season 3 consists of 18 episodes. ABC reduced the number of episodes for this season, reportedly because of Kerry Washington's pregnancy.  

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