‘Scandal’ Season 3 Mid-Season Premiere Scoop: It is All About Sally

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In the mid-season premiere of "Scandal" Season 3, the Vice President, Sally Langston, is set to inter the guilt, fear as well as the attitude of a sin-committer. The lady who aspires to be the President of America will be back in action thanks to Leo Bergen's pep-talk.

Sally had killed her husband, Daniel Douglas, after Cyrus showed her the photos of Douglas and James in compromising position. After committing the murder, the first person she had called was Cyrus who helped her clean the mess, and make it look like Douglas had died of heart-attack. This way Cyrus had stopped Sally from standing against President Fitz in the upcoming Presidential election. However, it looks like Cyrus failed to see Joe having the acumen to pull Sally out from the ditch called "it is the end."  

In the mid-season finale, Joe said to Sally that she should have called him, and not Cyrus. As her campaign manager, Joe is going to make Sally battle-ready, again.  According to TV Guide's spoiler, these two are going to "work closely" to plan Sally's "next career steps."

TV Guide's report suggests that Sally will intensify her efforts to ensure her "sense of power" in the White House. According to the brief synopsis of Episode 11, "Ride, Sally, Ride," Sally is going to make a shocking announcement.

As reported earlier, the focus of the final episodes of "Scandal" Season 3 will centre on Presidential election. This current season consists of 18 episodes, reportedly because of Kerry Washington's real life pregnancy.

When "Scandal" returns, the mid-season finale developments will play-out. Olivia will find out about her father's dethroning and the crowing of Jake as the new command of B-613. Her reaction to this unexpected piece of news will be interesting to watch. Also, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jake's character will be turning darker.

Also, the upcoming episodes will feature search for Mom Pope, Olivia and father's relationship, Quinn's life after Huck's took away her gladiator card, Olivia and Fitz's relationship. A new potential love interest will be introduced for Mellie.  

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