‘Scandal’ Season 3 Episode 12 and Episode 13 Spoilers: Mellie’s Flashbacks, Mom Pope Returns and Shocking News [VIDEO]

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In "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies," Olivia said to Fitz that she does not like to be seen as his public whore. She has made Jake her beard more for herself and her job, and not to protect Fitz. Later, when Fitz asked her if she has feelings for Jake, Olivia does not say yes, but she does not say no, as well.  

The episode revealed Mellie and Andrew's past. It was shown in one of the previous episodes of this season that Fitz's father had forced himself on Mellie. Andrew had appeared in her life post that. Fitz was the governor at the time, while Andrew was the lieutenant governor. Mellie was not letting Fitz touch her and had no reason to offer for acting distant. She was lost and disturbed. Mellie had tried to commit suicide by popping in some tablets.  Andrew had saved her life. "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies" revealed that Mellie had told Andrew what her father-in-law did to her, while Fitz remained in dark. Both had developed feelings for each other, but Mellie had stopped Andrew's move because of being the Governor's wife. This time, however, Mellie could not stop herself and she kissed Andrew.

Rowan was busy sabotaging Fitz's re-election campaign, while Jake was discovering his powerful status as the command of B-613. James managed to keep his identify of being Publius from Cyrus. Mom Pope returned in this episode. Adnan Salif was shown to be in cahoots with Mom Pope. She met Mom Pope after getting in the donors' list by convincing Cyrus that she the money to fund Fitz's re-election campaign. The meeting between Mom Pope and Adnan Salif indicated that it was part of their nefarious plan.      

The episode 13 of "Scandal" Season 3 is titled, "No Sun on the Horizon." The preview of the episode promises that something happens in the last 30 seconds.  Olivia can be seen saying: "something is wrong, everything is wrong." According to the synopsis of the episode, Olivia will receive shocking news. She will have to make an "extremely difficult decision."

Meanwhile, Fitz's first presidential debate will not be without hiccups, as he will have to deal with a "curve ball." In this episode, gladiators will be taking-up the case of a CEO, who has been accused of murder.

According to the synopsis, "No Sun on the Horizon" will feature "one dirty little secret that could lead to deadly consequences."  

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