“Scandal” Season 3 Episode 11 Sneak Leaked: David Rosen Seeks Cyrus’s Husband's Help [VIDEO]

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"Scandal" season 3 is set to return on Feb 27, 2014. The first episode of the second installment is titled, "Ride, Sally, Ride." The episode will feature a bombshell announcement from Sally. ABC has released sneak peeks of the upcoming episodes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

One of the sneak peeks features David Rosen and James Novak. In the mid-season finale, James had met David to tell him that there is something suspicious about Daniel Douglas' death and that he might be responsible for his death. David had refused to probe that claim and help a man who had almost destroyed his career. At the end of the episode, David had received an audio recording of the phone call that Sally made to Cyrus after killing Daniel, confessing that she had committed a sin.

The sneak peek is the follow-up scene. David wants James' help to catch the culprits, as the audio recording is inadmissible evidence. But, the audio confirms that Sally killed her husband. James now no longer has an inclination to help David. To get his relationship back on track with James, Cyrus had agreed to push forward James name as the press secretary of the White House.

In the sneak peek, David can be seen telling James that they just need one unguarded moment to nail the culprits. James does not seem too interested in helping David. In the new episode, Leo Bergen will be seen giving Sally a pep talk. Sally's bombshell announcement is expected to be made after this pep talk. There is a possibility that she might publicly announce her intention to stand against Fitz in the upcoming Presidential election. As reported previously, the last eight episodes of the current season is set to focus on election and Fitz's re-election campaign.

The number of episodes this season has been reduced. "Scandal" season 3 consists of 18 episodes because of Kerry Washington's real life pregnancy.

Here is the official synopsis of "Scandal" season 3 episode 11, "Ride, Sally, Ride,":

"The White House deals with a bombshell announcement from Sally Langston. Meanwhile, Olivia finds herself in a challenging new role."

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