Say Hello to Conan O'Brien, 2014 MTV Movie Awards Host Revealed

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The 2014 MTV Movie Awards will be on Sunday, April 13, 2014 but the host and the nominees have already announced by MTV. Apparently, the host chosen for the night is none other than one of the biggest names in late night hosting, Conan O'Brien. This news only heightens the awards show fever that the Oscars have left to die down.

In the report from OK Magazine, the late night show host said "Afetr eight years of intense negotiations, I am honoured to announce I am hosting MTV's second most prestigious awards show." It is indeed a good break for O'Brien since he would not want to be left behind by his fellow late night competitors.

MTV has only started its Movie Awards in 1992 and it often targets the millennial audience, according to Variety, this is where O'Brien enters the picture. The online presence of the former "The Tonight Show" host is quite large as there are more than 10 million followers in his Twitter account and his YouTube channel has millions of views.

He also participates in other online community like LinkedIn, Facebook and Foursquare among others because he knows that being visible online is very important. O'Brien has already been featured for his big success in promoting his show in Social Media.

So what makes O'Brien the man for MTV's big awards night? He always brings his A-game whenever he does a show. He has hosted the Emmys in 2002 and 2006 and also co-hosted in 2003. Hosting the Emmys back in 2006 was one of best hosting jobs which was viewed by many as a success for the comedic host, according to Today Television.

The list of nominees will be announced by MTV with the help of Our2ndLife, a group of six young men that are very popular in YouTube and Twitter with millions of followers keeping tabs of their every move. "The idea is to take Internet celebrities and bring them into our world," as stated by Colin Helms, MTV's Senior Vice President of Connected Content.

Laughter and fun will be anticipated for the coming MTV Movie Awards in April.

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