Say Hello to Anthony Vincent, the Man Behind Katy Perry’s Controversial Song 'Dark Horse in 20 Different Styles' [VIDEO]

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Anthony Vincent, 26, is a musician, video editor and voiceover artist who uploaded a unique video on YouTube covering "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry in 20 different singing styles. He did not change the lyrics but was spot-on in his interpretations of Metallica, The Doors, Run-D.M.C., Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, John Mayer and Kurt Cobain, among others. Anthony Vincent's video went viral and garnered more than 1 million YouTube views in less than a week. He was also featured in the front page post on Reddit.

Anthony talked to Rolling Stone and revealed that he had been trying to find a niche on YouTube for a long time and with this Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" he had achieved that. He made the video to promote Ten Second Songs, his company, in which he composes and records custom songs for occasions.

"Dark Horse in 20 Different Styles" has been featured on Time, Yahoo and Buzzfeed.

"I came up with the idea last November and wanted to do this with [Miley Cyrus'] 'Wrecking Ball,' but it was too late," said Anthony to Rolling Stone.

"I wanted to pick the most random styles you could imagine. I listened to 'Dark Horse' and after I heard it, I immediately thought, 'This is it. This is the one.' And I got to work," he added.

Initially, Anthony wanted to cover the song and divide it into different genres. However, he went on to record it with different singers.

"Every one of those artists has influenced me at some point," said Vincent. He wrote down the artists he felt were best for this track and came with the final 20 artists list.

Anthony recorded the entire music in his production room in Port Chester. The video is a mix of short clips clubbed together.

The artist is happy that people are getting to know new artists through his unique "Dark Horse" cover.

"I love that people are having conversations that are involving Frank Sinatra, Type O Negative and Tech N9ne at the same time," said Anthony.

Check out the song below:

(Credit: YouTube/Ten Second Songs)

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