Satanic 'Baphomet' Monument Almost Complete and to be Placed in Oklahoma State Capitol

A satanic statue currently being finished in a studio from New York may soon be rested in Oklahoma State Capitol's grounds. It is intended to stand alongside the monument of "The Ten Commandments" which has been placed in the Capitol in 2012.

New-York based "Satanic Temple" is currently pushing onwards to have the "Baphomet" statue, one of the many representations or depictions of Satan, stand outside the Oklahoma State Capitol. The group would be facing challenges to be successful with their plans. For one, the Oklahoma State authorities have banned permits for any new monuments to be installed on government property.

The proposed statue was planned as a direct challenge to the Ten Commandments monument outside the Capitol installed in 2012. It was donated by State Representative Mike Ritze. In the same manner, the Satanic Temple would like to do the same in the Capitol's ground. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) challenges the Ten Commandments statue in court for the Constitution's "establishment clause" against any national religion. The Constitution allows for freedom of expression in any religious views. This gives the Satanic Temple, the reason not to be deterred in having their statue installed.

Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for the Satanic Temple group told reports that their group has a fighting chance in seeing their sculpture installed in the government property's grounds. In a report from Vice, where the first images for the planned statue can be seen, Greaves said "there has been quite a bit of discussion among legal scholars who recognize how difficult it would actually be for Oklahoma to turn us down... Constitutional law is quite clear on this issue: The state can't discriminate against viewpoints. If they've opened the door for one, they've opened it for all."

Greaves added that should there be no success in having their structure placed in the Capitol's grounds, they can simply find another location in the U.S. Also they will no longer continue to petition their statue to be installed if the Ten Commandments statue will be removed.

The 7-foot horned Baphomet structure will be painted in bronze accompanied by two adoring children by its sides. Baphomet, of which name has originally appeared way back July 1098, is a demonic image and representation used in occult and historical events. 

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