Sandra Bullock & Chris Evans: Five Reasons They Should Take Their Friendship to the Next Level

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Sandra Bullock Poses with her Awards at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles
Sandra Bullock poses with the awards she won for favorite movie actress, favorite comedic movie actress and favorite dramatic movie actress at the 2014 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California January 8, 2014. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian REUTERS/KEVORK DJANSEZIAN

Known for a number of young men she dated, Sandra Bullock is allegedly flirting with close friend Chris Evans who admitted that he used to have a crush on the "Gravity" star. The two was spotted recently enjoying dinner at Cecconi's in West Hollywood with pal Chelsea Handler who appears to be the third wheel on the dinner date.

"Chelsea looked like the odd man out - Sandy and Chris were talking and joking with each other for much of the time," according to an eyewitness in an interview with Mail Online. "Chelsea kept chiming in and they would include her but there seemed to be a connection between Chris and Sandy."

Since her divorce from estranged husband Jesse James back in 2010 the only man in Sandy's life is her son Louis, and now she seemed ready to try her luck again in the dating world. The 49-year-old actress filed a divorce after she found out that James was cheating on her and the "Captain America" could be the guy that can make her happy again.

"They have been talking more than ever and they flirt anytime they spend time together. She's been his dream girl for most of his life, so it would be a fairy-tale ending for Chris," a source told OK! Magazine.

Her are the five reasons why Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans should take their friendship to the next level.

1. The 32-year-old actor is not just a friend for Sandra but he's a close confidant of hers. "Sandra was so betrayed in her marriage that she has major trust issues when it comes to men. She really trusts Chris though and he has proven himself a close confidant," says a source to the publication.

2. Both of them trust each other which is good foundation of a budding relationship.

3. They both like children. Louis, Sandra's adopted son is the only man in her life and having Chris by her side will give her son a father figure. The actor recently revealed that he wants to settle down and have kids. "I want to get married, though I want children - to me that's the ultimate thing," Chris told Belfast Telegraph. "When you're old and on your death bed, looking back at your life it's not going to be the films you've made or what you've accomplished, it's the relationships you have. You're survived by things that matter - the people you love and those who love you back."

4. Dating a younger guy will not be a first for the actress, so if she decided to date Chris who is 17-years younger than her is not a big deal anymore.

5. He confessed that he was in love with Award-winning actress once in an interview, and thinks that she is the girl for him. "I used to be in love with Sandra Bullock when I was growing up. Sandy B. was my girl," he revealed in an interview with Playboy. "I remember seeing Speed when I was in seventh grade and just thinking, 'That's her.'"

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