Samsung’s Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Note 4 Release Update To Feature Synaptics And Improved Air View

By @peevesky on

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 will soon hit the stores. Recent reports claimed the Korean tech giant will most likely announce the devices during the Mobile World Congress and in a separate event by Feb. 23.

Regardless of the announcement date, many sources hinted an improved Air View and new Synaptics technology in the upcoming devices. 

Other reports are saying Samsung will upgrade and add functions to touchscreen panel (TSP) for its smartphones. Also, Samsung has been reportedly working with Synatpics. The company is a key touch chip maker. With the company in tow, Samsung plans on providing touch solutions featuring passive pen writing function and improved hovering detection capacities in its devices. 

Samsung has started installing Synaptics technology on its devices in 2013 through Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4. This year, it wants to improve such functions for its upcoming offerings. 

The upcoming Samsung releases will feature powerful hovering functions according to the sources. The increased hovering capabilities intend to raise the recognition in a range of devices. This will help solve recognition problems possible in close touchscreen ranges. 

In the current Samsung Galaxy S4 model, the Air View functions and Air Gesture controls will be improved. These functions are mostly controlled by hovering. People can expect better control and response with Samsung's next flagship devices. 

Some reports claimed Samsung will improve the features of its passive pen - a general stylus pen. This means upcoming devices will feature a touchscreen panel that can recognize passive pen points up to 2.5 pi. People can have more elaborate handwriting and it will not matter for the device. 

Other sources claimed the Synaptics reduced the manufacturing costs. The upcoming offering will have printing costs as it will feature a single layer structure which does not require a bridge or an insulation layer. 

"The new product will provide a variety of additional functions. However, its manufacturing cost will be lowered so as to decrease the burden on customers," according to a Synaptics insider. 

 "The device usability and consumer convenience have been enhanced for this product."

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