Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to Rollout with Wireless Charging, Device Pairing Capabilities

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It is the year of feature-filled and powerful smartphones and the upcoming Galaxy S4 is no exception. Apart from the super specs that blog reports have attributed to the next Samsung flagship phone, this exciting handset will reportedly deploy with more wireless capabilities.

Citing Samsung's wireless charging patent that was filed and published in the second half of 2012, Expert Reviews reported on Monday that the Galaxy S4's multi-packed features will include both disconnected charging and device pairing functions.

Needless to say, Samsung is espousing the breakthrough features that were made popular late last year by Nokia's Lumia 920 and Google's Nexus 4, with its own stretch, of course.

The technology behind wireless charging system, according to Expert Reviews, basically operates on "inductive or resonating systems (that) provide power to portable devices without the need to connect a charging cable."

If indeed this capacity comes with the projected May 2013 debut of the S4 then the Samsung handset will be well configured to easily connect with other devices minus the normal Bluetooth channel, the same report said.

In one of the video clips that Nokia issued in promoting the Lumia 920, the Windows-powered phone was seen 'pairing' automatically with a speaker by simply touching it close to the device.

By the time the S4 starts its global rollout this year, this added Samsung premium will be enjoyed by Galaxy smartphone fans, that is if the predicted feature actually ends up in the final form of the overly-anticipated handset.

Samsung watchers are firmly convinced that the S4 will definitely launch within the timeframe written on numerous blog reports.

Another indication pointed to by is the listing of the model number GT-9500X at Samsung's Global Download Centre. The same report noted that Samsung utilised the following model numbers - GT-i9000, GT-i9100 and GT-i9300 - for its Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 phones.

The pattern leads to GT-9500X as likely the model number for the Galaxy S4, said.

The Galaxy S4 will skip out the CES 2013 in Las Vegas but Samsung is widely believed to allow for a glimpse of the smartphone at the Mobile World Congress that is scheduled for a late February staging in Barcelona, Spain.

Some reports suggested too that the South Korean tech giant is more inclined to uncloak the S4 via its own separate and exclusive event, giving it the necessary attention and prestige in the same that Apple, Samsung closest rival, treats its iPhone launches.

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