Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 vs. Apple’s iPad Mini: Small Tablet Clash Focused Mainly on Price, Platform Strengths

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Samsung has confirmed that it will unleash a new challenger to test the mettle of the popular tablets out there. It will be called the Galaxy Note 8.0, which easily can be lumped with the mini tablet class.

How will it fare compared with Apple's iPad Mini?

Processing power and speed

While Samsung said that the Note 8.0 will be displayed in full glory come the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February, exact details on its processing powers were kept under wraps. But blog reports pointed to recently leaked benchmark test for a device codenamed GT-N5100. Per reports by SamMobile, that model number is now the Note 8.0.

The benchmark report showed that this mini tablet from Samsung will draw processing might from a 1.6GHz Samsung Exynos 4412 CPU, which will tussle it out with the A5 1GHz Cortex-A9 dual-core processor that Apple has deployed with the iPad Mini.

Over at the RAM department, the Galaxy tablet's 2GB of RAM will most certainly dwarf the iPad Mini's rather anaemic 512MB of RAM, not exactly the preference of those looking to employ their slate for multi-tasking.

Display and storage capacity

Experts bemoaned that Apple denied the Retina display on its mini tablet, deciding instead that its 7.9-inch screen will sufficiently do with the LED-backlit IPS LCD display, beaming on resolution of 1024 x 768.

The specs are decent enough but the Note 8.0 will have a slightly higher resolution of 1280 x 800 on its 8-inch screen, which according to Samsung will be rendering clips and images on the TFT Super Clear LCD display technology.

Multimedia viewing on the two tablets is inarguably delightful with generous storage provisions that for the iPad Mini reaches to a high of 64GB minus expansion options. The Note 8.0 would only offer max of 32GB built-in memory but users can double that by inserting a 32GB of microSD on the device's memory slot.

Camera use and heft

While the two tablets sport an identical 5MP rear-camera shooter, the iPad Mini is known for its ability to record 1080p video clips, an edge that the Note 8.0 will have to surpass in real-world functions.

As a camera, the iPad Mini is also easier to use - thinner and lighter in all dimensional respects and therefore offering less handling stress during actual video capturing or picture snapping moments.

Broad comparison and pricing

Both the iPad Mini and the Galaxy Note 8.0 boast of total connectivity on-the-go, having 3G and Wi-Fi chips ready to connect with compatible network signals.

Platform-wise, the two devices are in virtual equal footing. All the apps that matter are deployed both in Apple App Store and Google Play, which between them offer near two million of apps to choose from.

But the two will part ways on pricing. Starting at $US329, the iPad Mini disappoints many experts who viewed the tablet a little too pricey for the hardwares it brought to the table. Google's Nexus 7 is more affordable but offers more with its quad-core processors and Full HD screen technology.

It is believed that Samsung would want to play the game currently dominated by the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD by Amazon. In order to quickly make its presence felt, analysts expect the Note 8.0 to carry price tags that would lure buyers away from other brands.

Aside from better pricing, the Galaxy Note 8.0 will likely attract as probably the tablet in the market that comes with a stylish and productive stylus functions that Samsung has practically reinvented through the now popular S-Pen.

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