Samsung vs. Apple Patent Wars: iPhone 6 May Win Over Samsung Galaxy S5 Any Day?

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Tech manufacturers usually release products as quickly as anyone can imagine. Despite launching a smartphone, companies like Samsung will have another set ready in no time. This is evident from several handsets people can choose from.

As the competition grows, there is a need for innovation. Innovation means inventing new features or technologies to make a product stand out. This is where Apple and Samsung have been long rivals. In these continuing patent wars, has one company really won over the other? 

The slide-to-unlock feature on the iPhone has a patent grant under Apple. Also, the 4G network data system for Samsung Galaxy is granted under Samsung. Over the years, as both companies continue to transform their smartphone offerings, Apple and Samsung have both accused each other of infringing patents and copying technology. 

According to Politicio, the two companies are yet again set to battle it out on court about patents. Apple and Samsung have been on each other's throats for almost 3 years, throwing at each other fraud and patent copying charges across four continents. 

The legal battle between the two tech giants has captured the attention of the U.S. government. The government has been working on reforms helping companies to spend less money on litigation and invest most on innovative research. The tech industry has produced enough high-profile lawsuits to encourage the government to take action. 

"It's just culturally unacceptable to either organization to think about settling, so they're going to continue to battle in the courts," Van Baker, a mobile technology analyst at Gartner, cited. 

"They're bitter rivals in the smartphone space, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Any little competitive win or advantage is important." 

Amid court battles and more patent conflicts, Apple has secured several more for its upcoming iPhone 6. Some of these patents describe technologies such as:

  • Dynamic user interface - users can control devices via gestures despite the distance
  • Solar charging panels
  • Camera remote control
  • Selfie system

Apple has not announced the official features of iPhone 6. Some of these patents may materialize with the next smartphone but some of them may not. Samsung previously released Samsung Galaxy S5 with the health monitor as its never before seen feature. Many analysts think iPhone 6 may gain more market share if Apple can push through with all of its reported patent grants.

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