Samsung to Upend Apple’s U.S. Market: Plans to Sell Galaxy S4 for $US200 or Less

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Samsung is making a big move in the United States, which explains the major New York launch of the Galaxy S4 on March 14. Part of the big plan is selling the new Android handset for $US200 or less.

For its U.S. rollout, Samsung has likely secured arrangements for major telcos to offer the Galaxy S4 to American buyers, Gotta Be Mobile said, and it will carry a price that will be wholly reachable for everyone - $US199.99.

Nothing new indeed with the mark as Apple sells its latest iPhone models at the same level. But that is exactly the point for Samsung's U.S. campaign - bringing the war directly to Apple's turf.

The approach makes sense, analysts said, and is in line with Samsung's not so secret goal of selling 100 million Galaxy S4s prior to the arrival of its successor next year; or the earlier the better.

By the end of 2012, Samsung's present flagship, the Galaxy S3, reportedly sold than 40 million units. While the figures were exceedingly impressive, the S3 failed to ward off the Apple surge during the holiday quarter of last year.

According to Strategic Analytics, Samsung only shipped out close to 18 million S3s in Q4 2012. The numbers fell short of the combined efforts put in by Apple's iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, which collaborated to relegate the top Android handset to number three overall.

Previously, the Galaxy S3 occupied the number one spot.

And Samsung is gunning to grab back that sweet spot by the end of Q2 2013 if reports proved true that the Galaxy S4 will start hitting store shelves on April following the planned U.S. spectacle.

For a very affordable price tag, Samsung is set to deliver a 5-inch Full HD 1080p S4 screen that also boasts of 13MP main camera snapper and a 2MP front cam, based on leaks that have been coming since the start of 2013.

Originally, the chip specs pointed to an Exynos Octa 5 CPU that performs seamless multi-tasking duties with 8-core capabilities. Later reports, however, have suggested that the Galaxy S4 is more likely to draw muscle from a Snapdragon 600 that Qualcomm provides. It spins away at 1.9GHz.

Rumours also pointed to the possibility that last minute adjustments will leave the Galaxy S4 with a different screen display technology, ditching the Galaxy S mainstay Super AMOLED due to production woes.

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