Samsung Unveils LG Nexus 4 Rival in Quad-Core, Full HD Galaxy Pop

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The Samsung Galaxy onslaught continues and the latest to be introduced by the tech giant is the quad-core Galaxy Pop, reportedly for exclusive appreciation of South Korean fans that needs to pay roughly $650 to own the smartphone.

First look on the Galaxy Pop would convince that it's basically a Galaxy S3 clone or another version of the Galaxy S3 Mini. Yet according to Engadget, Pop was first unveiled as the Galaxy Premier, which remains the Galaxy phone stable but geared mainly for select global consumers.

So why the rebrand when Premier is catchy enough? As far as Samsung is concerned, Pop will elicit more attention, with the company likely basing its projection to the K-Pop phenomenon that already reached Australia.

No word yet if Galaxy Pop will have an Aussie debut but the Galaxy Premier is basically its twin, bestowed by Samsung with the specs found on the Korean version such as 4.66-inch screen with Super AMOLED display technology, 8MP rear camera paired with 1.9MP front sensor, 8GB of internal storage with provision for additional memory and a 2100mAh battery.

The only difference is the 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 processor that will power the Galaxy Pop while Premier is on 1.5GHz. Both handsets will have 1GB of RAM to work with the processor and full connectivity options via 3G-LTE, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

Android 4.1 is set to power the Galaxy Pop and on top, of course, is the latest TouchWiz UI. Samsung intends to attract younger Koreans with its latest handset that blog reports said is rather pricey for a mid-range smartphone.

Judging from the specs, the Galaxy Pop seems lined up to tussle it out with the hit Google signature smartphone, the Nexus 4, which is made by another Korean firm, LG.

Side by side, the two smartphones are in equal terms, hardware-wise, save for the Nexus 4's slight edge in the RAM department.

But the Galaxy Pop, besides enjoying sufficient muscle under the hood, also comes in more colour options like gray and orange while the LG-Google smartphone is stuck at the moment with black, Reports, however, have emerged indicating that production of a white Nexus 4 is now underway.

Comparing the price, Nexus 4 starts at $US299 but that tag normally gets jacked up by third party seller since Google has encountered issues delivering the gadget via Google Play. Nevertheless, the mobile phone is cheaper when pitted against the Galaxy Pop.

In Korea, buyers will have to plunk down 700,000 won before they can take home the handset but they'll get to take a companion flip cover for free.

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