Samsung to Unbox ‘Amber Brown’ Galaxy Note 2 for Japanese Market

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It was suggested in earlier report that Samsung is bringing new flavour of colours for the Galaxy Note 2, which recently became a reality for Japanese consumers.

Giant Japanese telco NTT Docomo reportedly partnered with Samsung to deliver an Amber Brown Note to the Land of the Rising Sun, adding up to the white, black and red offerings that either were released earlier or set to be unveiled this year.

The Note 2 on brown and red is likely to hit selected global markets this year but Japanese consumers will definitely enjoy the brown phablet from Samsung within the first quarter of 2013, according to Gotta Be Mobile.

The same report also indicated that apart from the different colour serving, nothing much was tweaked from the Note 2 that was geared for the Japanese market, except of course for the NTT Docomo brand that was printed on the upper portion of the gadget, just slightly above from the 5.5-inch screen.

Essentially, this Note 2 represents Samsung's announced approach of issuing different colours for its flagship smartphones, which are the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 at the moment, in order to attract more sales from global consumers with differing taste.

While originally planned for regional releases, it is not far off that all colour versions of the S3 and the Note 2 will make their way to key markets in North America, Asia-Pacific, China, the Middle East and Europe, if only to capture more audience for the Samsung handsets that in the past year serve as the biggest threat to Apple's years of smartphone dominance.

The Galaxy S3, in fact, has been named by Strategic Analytics as the top smartphone brand as of September 2012, experts said, adding that Samsung would naturally want to sustain this gain going into 2013.

And stretching its smartphones' appeal via wide choices in colours appear an effective marketing, analysts said, that Apple seems bent to follow suit, with reports coming out last week that the tech giant plans to sell the next iPhone versions beyond the usual black and white options.

Topeka Capital said in a research note that not only Apple is mulling colourful iPhones on 2013; the tech titan is also strongly considering the release of phones in two screen sizes, likely leading to the issuance of an iPhone Mini by June this year.

This forecast suggests that Apple is reconfiguring its overall market attack to counter the recent gains of Samsung, which obviously flourished on its 'shotgun approach' as opposed to Apple's 'one-size-fits-all' devices packaging.

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