Samsung Teaches Your Smart TV to Learn Your TV Preferences


Smart TVs are bound to get smarter, at least that's what Samsung's Smart TV sees to be going for with the new TV Discovery app.

At its most basic, the TV Discovery app allows you to find the shows you want from different video streaming services, whether they are live TV shows, videos from services like Netflix, or even online video content, reports CNet.

But what really sets TV Discovery apart is that it uses your daily viewing habits so that it can recommend content for your streaming experience.

CIO reports that the TV Discovery is an improvement of the Peel software used in other devices, which enable searching functions for TV shows. With the TV Discovery, you have a more comprehensive and interactive approach to viewing using your Smart TV.

Another plus for the app is that Samsung is planning to integrate the use of your other Samsung devices in the process. CIO reports that the new feature will turn the Samsung tablet or smartphone into a kind of remote from which you can operate the TV Discovery easily.

According to Digital Trends, the TV Discovery will also feature Social Sharing, where you can tell your friends all the shows that you've been hooked on to. A Personalized Recommendations function, which basically tailors your preferences onto the app is also a great way to not only easily find the shows you want, but learn about new shows that may be in your area of interest.

However, according to, the TV Discovery is also slated for release to Samsung smartphones, with the fine print being that it will work in upcoming devices. It can be a potential feature that will be added to the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it's released.

"The more you engage with the service, the more relevant the returned recommendations for TV, movies, and other on-demand entertainment," said Won-Pyo Hong, president and head of Samsung's Media Solution Center to CNet. "It could not be simpler."

For now, Samsung is looking to release TV Discovery in the US, Korea, and 12 other European countries during the first quarter of this year, according to Chew the Dirt.

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