Samsung Targets to Release a Foldable Tablet Next Year

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In the previous years, there have been several rumors about the flexible, bendable and foldable display screen smartphones. These types of phones carry some unique factors and forms that could easily twist, bend and turn to almost anywhere. But there were very few products that actually initiated such a technology, one of them was Samsung Galaxy Round mobile device.

Samsung has been successful in creating all innovative phones in the market. Although Galaxy Round managed to get some fans' attention and critics across the globe with its curved form factor, yet the design did not bring any exceptional features to the handset.

But a Android Authority reported from the Korean publication Duam, Samsung is working on a much higher version for next year. The company is planning to release its first ever foldable tablet which is currently under development. It can be folded twice, eventually converting a large tablet into the size of a regular handset.

The concept of foldable devices as cited earlier was toying around for some time. Samsung pointed out the technology which could be folded outwardly to transform into a tablet. But due to lack of upgraded technology, this was not put forward.

Apparently, in the past two years, Samsung has been working in developing several prototypes which proved such technology works. Rumors indicated the final product is soon to launch.

The Android Authority stressed,  based on previous Samsung rumors, the device is expected to have three separate panels that can be either folded on top of one another or folded outward to create a full tablet.

The device will feature a display with a diagonal of between 8 inches and 9 inches and full HD OLED screen. The model size indicates a mid-sized tablet that will be somewhat like an iPad and it will be very bulky when it folds so Samsung will make the basic panels conveniently thin.

Also, the Morning Ledger reported this rumored device isn't the only handset that will have a foldable display. If early reports were true, then the upcoming Galaxy Note phablet would be coming with Samsung's three sided YOUM display, which has extra two sides that would be displaying notifications like mail, calls, messages etc.

So Galaxy Note 4 could be the next launch of the much advanced folded displays next year.

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