Samsung Sets Up Own Apps Store and Nudges Out Google

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Samsung has introduced Galaxy Apps an app store for Galaxy owners. This also cuts out the need for turning to Google Play, for its customers, reports eWeek. The move looks like an effort by Samsung to sharpen its branding and with a space away from Google.  Samsung's latest Tab S will be the new beneficiary of this step.

Greater Customization

Announcing the store in a July 11 blog post, Samsung said it will feature hundreds of exclusive apps for Galaxy device owners to enjoy greater customization. Samsung also said Galaxy Apps will be available across 161 countries to more than 130 million users. WonPyo Hong, president, Samsung's Media Solution Center said Samsung will be striving to create value for customers by providing differentiated solutions coupled with innovative devices. Samsung Galaxy Apps promise customers apps an enriching experience.

Timely Rebranding

In a blog Michael Andronico of Laptog magazine comments on the development of a proprietary app store by Samsung. Rebranding Samsung Apps store as Galaxy Apps is a smart move as it offers a sleek new interface and hundreds of new apps.

Galaxy Apps utilizes a minimal, white-and-blue interface taking cues from both Google Play and Apple's App Store. The Best Picks tab features apps and tabs for Galaxy-exclusive apps and top downloads.  

Three Sections

Galaxy Apps is divided into three sections--Staff Picks, Exclusives and Top. Top offers views of the most downloaded apps. They can be sorted in terms of pricing or popularity. The Essentials include apps such as Milk Music and SideSync.

Focus on Content

Samsung's new move is also being explained as an instance of new focus good Content by tablet makers. According to Carolina Milanesi, technology researcher at Kantar WorldPanel, the battle for tablet market share is no longer confined to things like HD. It is now moving to content also.

Tab S

Samsung's Tab S comes with Galaxy Apps installed and it is there on the home screens also. Carolina points out that if a device is unable to bring to life all the fancy specs with good content then failure will be inevitable. Perhaps Samsung's Galaxy Apps initiative has understood that. 

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