Samsung NX Mini Prices and Features: 'Perfect' Camera For Selfie Lovers

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A ‘Cheap Stunt’ – Obama on Ellen’s Viral Oscar Selfie
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From Ellen DeGeneres' most tweeted selfie of all-time to the news of Pres. Barack Obama jokingly calling it a "cheap stunt" for breaking his record, "selfie" is undeniably one of the most popular topics today.

The selfie's rising popularity made manufacturers design gadgets to cater to this need. The launch of Samsung's NX Mini is one proof to follow being recently tagged as the "ultimate camera for taking selfies."

The NX Mini can be credited as Samsung's newest experiment. As cameras today are becoming more like smartphones, the NX Mini is packed with features that may be a true delight for the selfie lovers. For readers considering to purchase NX Mini, below are the features for an informed choice:

Thinnest And Lightest Camera

Samsung NX Mini as the name "mini" suggests is smaller than the regular digital cameras. The key feature is the LCD screen capable of rotating over 180 degrees. With the feature, users can easily flip the camera to shoot them with the angle they like. It comes in 0.89-inch thickness and weighs only 5.6 ounces. It is as heavy as a phablet, very handy and is perfect for daily use. The camera is even great for travelers who hate the DSLR bulk.

Interchangeable Lens

Samsung NX Mini features an interchangeable lens that can improve the camera capture respectively. Additional lens can add on the camera's weight. NX Mini is offered in 9mm and 9-27mm lenses which are basically compact and lightweight.

Wireless Sharing And Variety of Colors

The NX Mini is ready for social sharing as the gadget is equipped with Wi-Fi and near field communication (NFC) technology alongside Samsung' smart camera applications. Samsung NX Mini comes in five color variants: white, black, brown, pink, and mint green.

Samsung offers a carrying case for customers who want to carry the camera and the lenses together. The manufacturer aim the device for users who want portability in their gadget, and is primarily not for professional photography. As mentioned earlier, it is a camera that caters people who have the knack for selfies, not the hobbyists.

The NX Mini will be launched in the U.S. in April 2014 with a price tag of $449 for the 9 mm (24 mm-equivalent) variant, and $549 for 9-27 mm (24-73 mm-equivalent) with zoom lens and external flash variant. The price of the gadget in Australia is to be revealed yet.

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