Samsung News: Possible Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium Leaked and Galaxy Note 4 Design Seen in Patent?

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The premium Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone handset is still being hinted to in a variety of reports and rumours, and has been linked to a number of possible models spotted from Samsung.

The latest is the Project KQ, supposedly the Samsung Galaxy S5 that features more premium specs. The leak first originated via SamMobile and reported by Phone Arena, where it states that rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S5 having been prototyped originally to have a 2K display. This was dropped after production problems with the QHD-equipped version.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been released, and with Samsung's main goal of having a wide variety of smartphones for customers, it's not entirely impossible for the company to still try and find a way to churn out a Samsung Galaxy S5 handset with a QHD display.

And according to various sources, this new handset may be in the form of the Project KQ, which features the said display as well as the Exynos 5430 or Snapdragon 805 processor. This can be the handset to compete with the LG G3, as well as a premium choice for Samsung's own market.

As per usual, this is still a leak, with no word from Samsung on whether or not it can push through, so take it with a grain of salt for the meantime. It may take some time for the Project KQ to develop, considering that it has not yet been a month since the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been released.

Samsung's Note 4 seen in a patent

A new design for the Samsung Note 4 has been seen in a patent after it was featured to have a possible tri-sided curved screen. This new design is now filed and patented by the Korean company.

GSM Arena spotted the patent, and you can hit the link for the illustration of the design. The side edges of what should be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are curved seamlessly from the front to the back, allowing for the YOUM display to be stretched.

What's even more interesting about the design is not just the different look that it would give the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The design suggests that shortcuts "buttons" and apps can be placed on the curved space running down the side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

In the illustration, some of the apps on the side include the settings, the mail, the camera, and the back button.

This kind of smartphone has been featured in a number of concept videos even for other brands, as it can make use of the actual hardware to add easy-to-access functions.  However, one potential problem for this design would be how to handle the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, if indeed the side apps and settings are added. But still, let's leave it to Samsung to experiment on a new design and add more functions for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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