Samsung New Patents Reveal Circular Screen Smartwatch Like the Moto 360

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New patents were filed by Samsung which could reveal its plans for the upcoming Moto 360-challenging smartwatch, with circular surface. The filed patents don't only give glimpse at the gadget's interface, but it also enumerated the fascinating gesture control system.

Similar to other watches, this smartwatch's circular face can be connected to a wrist band, but its use is not limited to that as it can also be detached, be put on as a necklace, as a keychain or as an arm band, where it could likely be functional as fitness tracker.

As of today, Samsung already created a series of smartwatch models, presented during the 2014 Mobile World Congress, which have four-sided faces and use the Tizen OS. Though it is not stated in the patents, the new circular Samsung smartwatch would be the company's first attempt to create a smartwatch operating with the Google's Android Wear software.

The pattern is not the only interesting part of the patent but also the control system Samsung has inputted. Examining through the patents, it seems like Samsung will use the circular bezel as a way to navigate through the menus and options. Some designs demonstrates a hand twisting the watch face left or right, a simpler and more intuitive system than pushing at tiny on-screen buttons. Lately, the Span concept smartwatch with a built in jog dial, and a prototype model with a tilting, twisting screen emphasised how operative this control system could be as a watch.

Notably, gesture controls are also easier. By utilising an incorporated camera, the patents reveal particular features that could be activated by displaying the lens with either a number of fingers or by creating specific shapes. For instance, the international "OK" symbol is used. Other hand based symbols and gestures exposed include thumbs up, an "air swipe" past the lens, and even a pointing gesture.   Moreover, the patent reveals the use of the watch's camera to see images, objects, and barcodes.  A Word Lens-style translation feature could really be a big help to travellers. Also, Samsung plans to make its watch a universal remote control, where the twisting bezel could switch channels or adjust the volume. An infrared blaster will possibly be incorporated for this to function.

Motorola has a big competitor in ruling the world of round smartwatches coming its way.  

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